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Are there any British painters out there who can suggests some accurate paints for mixing together for the paint scheme on a Fett helmet?
I've got a nice bucket that I'm doing up and need some help in getting accurate colours for the dome, lower cheeks and rear. I tend to use Tamiya Color or Humbrol acrylics, and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks folks
Tamya spray cans:
British Green: Armor, upper cheeks, back.
Dark Green: Dome, lower cheeks.
Camel Yellow: Shoulder and knee pads.
Mica Red: Around the visor.

I hope this could help you …
hi guys

Im doing my MLC helmet in the new year in ROTJ paint colour scheme. Ive used Games Workshop paints on my JP and Gauntlets

Heres some pics of my gauntlets using GW paints.


heres also a link to my pics of my JP painted using GW paints

The small paint pots go far and can be easy to mix as there water base. I also used a airbrush to paint the black scoring etc.



uk-scout TB7290
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Your stuff is great buddy and its nice to know someone in the UK who has/is undergoing some costuming...
You will no doubt hear from me sometime in the future asking for advice and "where can i get a..." questions m8!

Ipswich UK.
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