paint needed for JF arena jet pack


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paint needed for JF arena jetpack

I received my unpainted arena jet pack yesterday. What color spray paint do I need to paint it? Thanks.
Take a look at SEEKER's color scheme:

arenajet packcolors.jpg

This was in the Official Arena Jet Pack thread in the Jango Fett forum, I'm not busting your chops but look around a little, bub.......

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Hey All,

This is probably a good time and place to mention that
Rustoleum no longer makes Federal Blue. I called them
about it after seaching all over town, and they said it
was actually discontinued over a year ago! They also
told me there was no replacement color for Federal Blue
in their current product line. :facepalm

Does anyone out there know of any close substitutes?
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I found that out about the federal blue, too. :( But I found that American Accents (Rust-o-leum)Slate Blue in Satin looks close to me.

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I looked at the Rust-Oleum website:

It's Royal Blue #v7727 and American Accents Heritage Slate Blue (satin finish) #7923.
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The colors I used were:

ACE chrome
ACE Bright blue
ACE Wedgewood (the lighter blue)
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I finished painting the 3 colors on my JF arena jet pack last night. However I noticed that I'll redo the Royal Blue color because the paint came off from it. I've noticed that using Vasoline on the unpainted parts helps to protect the part that you don't want spray painted. And masking tape.

to be continued ---------> :D
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