Outer Rim and Visor Opening

Jedi Bob

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What is the standard (if there is one) width of the visor opening and along the bottom edge of the helmet? Is it the same?

BTW- I have a Mystery helmet.

Bob, do you mean is the opening the same width all the way down the front of the visor (nose to chin)? The answer is 'yes'. :)

As for the mystery helmet, I think the opening is 1 3/4". My DP Deluxe was 2", so was my DP 95.
If you were to turn your lid upside down and look along the bottom, how think is it? 1/8? And is it the same on all the openings?

I know I need a pic. Sorry if this request is vague.
Per your PM, I think I know what you're asking now. :)

Yes, the "mostly-agreed-upon" width of the lip is 1/8". However, I'm not sure how brittle/flexible the MHK resin material is, so you may have to make adjustments.

On my fiberglass bucket, I sanded the backside of the visor area to 1/8", or close enough. As long as it's uniform and looks good, I think you're okay.
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