Outdoor PIC of screen-used Fett costume

Trooper TK409

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I'm scanning Star Wars photos for work today (don't I hate my job) and found this outdoor photo of the real Fett costume appearing for the 1997 premier of the special editions I think...

He's missing his knee, shin tools, girth belt and his braids are on the wrong side. What a disgrace! However, as Brak's pointed out, it does show what the paint colors actually look like in sunlight. Might help in matching colors.



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Egads, they washed the jumpsuit and all of the weathering off of it. Those tool pockets are down right clean! What's up with the scope on that blaster?


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:D yea well, was mom after or before this? i mean... the movies are 20 years old, tehn jedi was 16... its not that strange things start to get lost...broken... i still wonder where that original cracked jet pack went en where teh esb pack is...

anyways.. its still the real deal...and though a few pieces miss... i started laughing when you can hear the people scream "BOBA FETT!!!"

thats just great!

Muad Dib

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That pic is also in the infamous "Unauthorized STAR WARS Compendium" printed in black and white. It looks like he's missing the top hose of the right gauntlet, too BTW.


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BigaboyFett said:
Looks like the blaster was dropped. Also, the image has a slight magenta cast...chris. Gosh! - Napolean Dynamite



I've seen quite a few reference shots of the blaster this way, my guess is that after shooting the sail barge scene where Boba's Blaster gets chopped in half by Luke's lightsaber, this is all they could recover... half of the sight :facepalm