Ordering Paints Need help


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hey eveyone,

ok so I've had my DP 97 bucket just setting around and I have to wait for my BM armor. so i figured order paints for the DP and practice with the airbrush before i ruin the good armor. well i don't care if i go acrylic or enamel but i can't seem to find a complete set of either from testor's using lee's colors. this is what i found

PS= Polly Scale
F = Floquil enamels

- Panzer Olive Green (PS)
- Caboose (F)
- Reefer Gray (PS) (F)
- Rust (PS) (F)
- Bright Sliver (F)
- RLM 73 (PS)
- Concrete (PS) (F)
- Earth (PS) (F)
- PRR Brunswick Green (PS)
- Light Gray (PS)
- PRR Maroon (PS)

I know nothing about paints but form what i hear you can't paint one over the other. I've also heard about dull coating or glossing a layer to seal it so you can layer them but I'm not sure. any advice would be great.


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I've painted a helmet with Polly Scale and Floquil colors over each other with no problems.

One important thing to keep in mind is drying time for each color. When I paint, I allow at least 24 hours between color coats. For example, I'll spray on the Panzer Olive Green for the dome and lower cheeks, and wait a day until I mask and paint the mandibles.

I usually don't spray a clearcoat until all my major colors are on. Then I'll do my "topical" weathering and spray on a second clear coat once all the weathering is done.

It's a good idea to practice with your airbrush. :) That way you can experiment and figure out your mixtures.