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Been forever since I posted here... I missed you guys! Anyway, I'm working on the jumpsuit for my ROTJ suit, and I'd like to know how you think it can be improved, as I'm pretty bad at spotting accuracy errors. Thanks!



Welcome back :)

Just a few things I notice. The thigh pouches may need to be a bit lower, and the flaps on them should be angled. One side coming down to the bottom of the entire pouch, the other side remaining at the top with no real 'flap'. This creates a diagonal looking flap, does that make sense?

The arms will need a dual-sleeve look. I can't tell if you've done that or not. A second, outter sleeve, should come down and end just above the elbow.

The shin pouches look fine, perhaps a little big, but I can't tell :)

Looks like a fine color and well sewn, just a few little details here and there :)

Take care,
Thanks, JMP. You pointed out a few things I wouldn't have caught. As for the two sleeves, I'm going to get an armor vest that should cover that.
Your vest should not have sleeves that long. All they should have is a bit hanging over the shoulder that the armor attaches to. The double sleeves are almost at elbow length so they would show. The tool pockets also look a little big and as jmp pointed out the leg pockets covers need to angle down. Look at a ref pic to see what we are talking about. One last thing i noticed, i saw you have the zipper in back...hope you don't have to use the bathroom while in costume! :)
Welcome back!
I'm gonna say the details of what needs to be corrected, please, don't take it as a negative way or personal, just as a learning experience if you want to have a more accurate costume.

The jumpsuit has two sleeves: long sleeves and short sleeves on top of the long ones almost touching the elbows.

The thigh pouches seem to be too close to the leg, which needs to be at least 2" deep from the front of the pouches to the leg, and the flaps have to go OVER the pouches and they have an almost a "triangle" shape, closing and covering most of the pouch for around 1" to 1 1/2" from the bottom. It should have the shape of a "block" popping out, and not just like a pocket sewn in there.

The sheen pockets looks OK, but the right pocket the seam in the middle should be like 1/4 way to the right and not in the center, like a pocket where you put pens and pencils in it, but not that thin.

Look around in the forum and see for yourself, then compare and get ideas from there. You seem to have a good accurate costume once you fix these items. :)(y)

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