*Official* What do you use as your "FETT WORK SPACE"?


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I've seen a lot of people that have done things in big workshops, big tables, drawing tables, even in the bedrooms or kitchens (hey, that's what I've heard!), but how you're gonna work your costuming stuff, specially when dealing with spray paint, RIT dye and removers, Super Glue, and all kinds of volatile materials in a close space? Best way is to be outside the house, apartment or in a workshop.

Well, in my situation, when I dealt with my soft parts, or measuring parts or little stuff, like my chest display casing, I was doing everything inside my computer room (my sacred SW collection and rest place...aka TDH), and one or two times in the main bedroom. But most of my time while I was dealing with the main thing (armor, JP, etc.) was outside the apartment, but because we live in a military installation housing, we don't count with a lot of space available or a few stuff that we need, like a laundry sink.

All my stuff was done thanks for just one thing and one thing only...my trusty old military wood ammunition box. It's 21" tall, 22" long, and 16" wide, which I use as my "working bench",


It's not taller than my knees, but most of the pics I've taken about my armor, gloves, Dickies jumpsuit, GA Fiberglass Jet Pack, the glove Pre-prod patches, etc. were all done in that same box (you could tell by the grey mist on top of the box by accident, while priming my JP), and I'm still working in the same box right on top, covering everything with newspaper and tape.

Now, lets see what you use as your working space, I bet that you can't beat that!

Mainly my garage floor and an old steamer trunk, but most of the finer detail work is done at the kitchen table or over the sink. In fact, I've spent most of the day in the kitchen Dremeling out my rangefinder. Yeah, I may have looked silly sitting there wearing a dust mask and safety glasses covered in powdered resin, but the misses was at work and my dog didn't seem to mind. :lol:
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Lets see I use a small part in front of the windows of the living room next to the computer. It's actually a small book shelf sort of build in to the wall but it serves as a table to work with and the rest of the shelves I use it to store the paints tools etc.Sometimes I use the walk in closet to file and sand or cut with the dremel you can actually sit in there. I guess this will do for now..
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Im apartment bound, and I have used the whole house as a workspace much to the girlfriends dismay.
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Similar to Bobafettish, mostly my garage floor for the big/messy stuff. I also have two big (about 2 feet cubed) cardboard boxes that I use as a modular work bench for putting things on when I'm airbrushing. I'd love something purpose built, but would rather spend what Fett funds I have on costume parts rather than work gear.

For small or detailed stuff, it's the lounge floor or the kitchen table.

For sewing vests and stuff, it's the kitchen table also.

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Well lets see, basement work shop in winter, office, garage, and in summer the patio table.
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I have an 800 sq foot workshop where I build sets, props and illusions in Las Vegas. I will have my new web sight up soon. You can check it out in a week or two at liquidimaginationfactory.com
If anyone is ever in Vegas for a visit, drop me a line. I have connections with some of the shows in town and there's no show tickets like free show tickets. :D
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I do any main dremel cutting in the basement on my work bench, or on my livingroom floor, depending on how big or messy the project will be. Fiberglass cutting is ALWAYS done down stairs, styrene either or, it depends.

I build all my stuff weather it be gluing, cutting, screwing, minor sanding, puttying, sitting on the living room floor so I can watch TV.

All my wet sanding is done in the kitchen sink, no matter how big or messy, My wife loves me for that one!! :p All sanding done with the Dremel is done in the basement.

I do the main painting either outside or in the basement, depends on the weather, my mood, or the job involved.

The final detail painting I do either in my office on a very clutterd desk that I can't find anything on or if I need good reference pics I use a TV tray next to the computor.

I sew stuff on the kitchen table with my sewing machine.

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BobaFettish wrote:

....I've spent most of the day in the ...

I ruined our kitchen table using it as a work space. Now, one new house, one new kitchen table later, I get to used the bonus room and the old kitchen table as my work space. Hopefully one day soon I will get a chance to fix up the garage like I had the old one.
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I work in the garage. I have to back my dads car up, but he doesnt mind. Thats when I work with sintra or need to paint something. All the detail stuff i do in the basement at a coffee table. The detail stuff is so fun, some people like to kick back and read a book...i like to kick back and weather my helmet or chest armor. I have a work bench, but its the most cumbersome thing ever, and my workout bench is right next to it, im gonna have to rearrange my basement, that work bench is a gold mine!!
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I paint in my garage while all around me my neighbors are all out painting their fences, or their houses or tending their gardens and trying to make their houses look nice.

I'm amused by the dichotomy.

While they're being grown up and trying to make things look clean and presentable, I'm busy being a kid and trying like hell to make my helmet look like it's been through hell, Mordor, an LA riot and back again. Really, I have never tried so hard to make something look so sh---y before in my life.

My poor Jetta now has to stay outside at night.

The rest of it I mostly do at my dining room table while my girlfriend watches TV in the next room and keeps telling me "You should see this!". I seldom do. :lol:

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Usually I just paint outside in the drive way, or out near the tool house.
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My whole freakin apartment. My place looks like poopie pants right now. :(
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I use my parlor/computer room for putting together my Fett stuff. I store all my sheets of sintra, paints,fiberglassing materials & extras in the garage. I dye my clothing material in a huge plastic barrel just outside next to my garage and lay them to dry in the sun on an old patio umbrella. Our house was just built a year ago and I wanted the biggest I could afford which is just over 2,600 sq.feet. To me, that's a lot of room but since my little ones seem to take over the place I am looking into adding a 30' by 40' garage /workshop in the back of my property very soon. From there I can really get creative and turn it into a replica of Seekers Bachelors pad!:D
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:lol: at Turo's place!

I use the garage for all dremeling, painting, bondoing, sanding, etc- the stinky messy stuff. We have a nice long countertop in our kitchen- kinda a par that is great to work on and watch TV at the same time- I do a lot of my clay working there. The livingroom table works great for minor painting and cutting out stuff while watching the tube too. The diningroom table is the catch all- all my stuff that I am working on and with winds up there so I don't have to keep putting it away and getting it back out. I also do all my sewing there too.
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I have a 3x3ft chest high workbench in the garage with a really high drafting stool that swivels.... I'm styling out there.... now if I could just clean it off :lol:
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Well SEEKER, looks like your place to talk to TDH (computer room) is more organized than the rest of the house! :lol:

Still I like the fact that you have a prototype Jet Pack just leaning in a perfect-brand-new-looking stove while having just a few props in your Comp Room...or around the house somewhere :D

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I work on my fett stuff in diffrent places.

I work on it in the living room, the porch, the shed, my Star Wars Room, or over at my freind Matts house.
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