* Official* - "What are you working on right now" thread.


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Since I recieved a few goodies this week, I thought I would share them with you guys.

I also know that some of you are working on some secret stuff. No need to post that :D

1. Sandtrooper Armor - molded from the real thing.
2. Sandtrooper Back-Pack - made from all types of plastics and tupper ware.
3. Jango Classic Jet-Pack - Thanks Rex and Mardon.
4. Jango new chest pieces - made out of syntra. Thanks to Mirax for the inspiration
5. Converting a real Sterling to a E-11 Storm trooper blaster.
6. Aragorn Braces.

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now me :D

i start a new cardboard JP, but at the moment i only have the fuel tanks ... some like 2% of the pack :o

and that is

turo please PM some contact to know $$ of the whitearmor
thanks or anyone :)
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I`m currently working on getting these mounted to some thick styrene and then getting some belt loops mounted on the back. Progress pics will folow.

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Well things I have planned for the summer before Dragon Con:
1. MLC jet pack for Jango- 99% done
2. MLC Helmet-should have soon
3. Possibly new gauntlets?
4. Adjustments to my holster
5. Finishing Slave Leia- adding boot accents, fabric for top, right bracelet, skirt plates (thanks to Mardon who is fiberglassing those) and possibly a neck chain
6. Trinity costume- just got my vinyl fabric and cut out pieces to start the pants :D
7. If time, would like to do new pouches for my ammo belt
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I'm outfitting my "Bespin" blaster MB kit mated with his resin Fett barrel with a new machined aluminum one.Other than that I'm just waiting for all my Fett stuff to be painted,and I'll be DONE with it,....yeah you heard it DUN ;)

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I'm so happy I can actually enter this thread :D
I'm working on...

- My DP 95' Conversion (70% painted)
- Gauntlet Kit (!!!!)
- Jet Pack Kit (!!!!!)
- Adding a light to my JP beacon
- Adding an amp to my bucket
- Finding a jumpsuit

And I'm anxiously waiting for my vest & neckseal to arrive in the mail, as well as my Spidey blaster kit ;)!!

Good luck everyone,
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I'm working on:

1) Getting a brand new jumpsuit made for me from patterns and dyed fabric
2) Finishing up the minor details on my new SWEET MB jet pack
3) Finishing painting my new Boba Shoulder Bells
4) Waiting for my new Boba Chest armor to arrive to paint
5) Building my Biker Scout boots from TJ's directions from vinyl and workboots
6) Waiting for my newly sculpted Biker Scout armor to be pulled on the 21st.
7) Waiting to get my Biker Scout cummberbund back from the seamstress who's making it.
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Next up...umm...me, I guess.

Here's what's on my plate currently:

1. Finishing my MB classic to arena JP conversion.
2. MLC Jango helmet - soon to arrive!!! :)
3. New gauntlet kit (and a sweet kit it is Ruffkintoys!) to assemble
4. New leather ammo pouches & belt from scratch
5. New kneepads and alu darts to put together
6. Install Bobo's Rf lights into my new MLC Jango RF
7. Start my ESB Boba this summer (to hopefully finish by Halloween!)
8. Also start my Jin Roh Panzer Cop costume

Full speed ahead!
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O.K....I'll chime in too!

#1-Building new set of Jango gauntlets and hose attachments
#2-Stubby JetPack. (Oh God!:eek: I wish I had the chance to borrow LisaFetts plans when they were available)
#3-:cry Putting a new starter on my Porsche by myself rather than the dealer because any amount of money I save goes to help fund my Fett projects.
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Thinking about when am I going to get the time to:

Weather my MLC helmet, install the visor, suspension, etc.
Trick out the RF
Assemble and paint/weather my ESB gauntlets
Assemble and paint/weather my codpiece and knees
Weather my entire outfit...

And so on and so on!

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Currently working on

-"Freddy vs. Jason" Freddy Glove
-Neo Reloaded/Revolutions Costume
-My Tricked-Out Import Car(Hey, I can dream can't I?:p)

Also remodeling my Prop/SW room if that counts :p

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At the time I'm in the middle of working on-

[*]Blue CloneTrooper Helmet (uploading pics soon)
[*] Mods on Jaster, like the Helmet for one which Austin (FB) is working on
[*]Sewing up some rips that I suddenly found on my jumpsuit
[*]And working on a Poster Board of me in my Jaster Mereel suit - :evil (life size)
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Just finished my gloves and am finishing up on my new helmet. pics will follow if i can shrink them enough to post.
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1. Renaissance Festival - trying to color-coordinate some tunic ideas for the upcoming Timeline (Michael Crichton) movie, making new leather bracers, just ordered my chain mail yesterday.

2. Biker Scout - I need to bulk up some of my existing molds and redo a few of the armor pieces, adjust my pouch sizes on my cummerbund, and order a new (lighter!) helmet.

3. Boba Fett - The big one. Let's see...new jumpsuits (cotton twill, dyed ROTJ grey/tan), new vest (with new TDH material), new gloves, pull some new chest armor, HOPEFULLY some FP gauntlets (ahem!), knee guards and a helmet revamp. I have the servo thingie to install and I'm going to reposition the visor from the inside. I have a friend who's experimenting with machining the shin tools. Once I've 'approved' of them, I'll set him up to offer them to the group.

4. Blue Man Group - After seeing them in Vegas, I thought that might be a cool costume for Halloween. In Vegas. For the ComicCon. Now to find two other idiots to do this WITH me...

So of course, whatever social life I have left in between costuming is null and void, at least through DragonCon.
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:lol: I have to ask...what do you guys do for a living? lol!

I mean, were talking about serious amounts of moola($$$)here.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty myself (and I am only making one outfit) spending the amounts of money it takes to do these outfits.

That's why it is taking me soooo long. :rolleyes
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I am working on:

My boots for my snowtrooper.
My Biker Scout soft parts.
My Snowtrooper blaster. Converting a Kenner..Thanks Turo!
Waiting for my Jet Pack Harness to arrive.
Thinking about a Dengar Costume.
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I'm not actively working on much at the moment, but I'm preparing myself for being very busy by the end of the month.

-Hunting for the right fabrics for my can-can outfit
-Shopping around for a dremel, as I've given up all hope of finding the one in Dad's tool shed
-Making a muslin of the pattern I plan on using when I remake my Ceremonial Leia
-Waiting on knee armor
-Waiting on sintra
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