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In My opinion, from the high res pictures ive seen, the vest certainly looks to be charcoal grey rather than black. Thats what Im doing mine with, i dont think it contrasts against the coveralls as much.
I was just wondering the same thing. But I think for now I'll stay with the black.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangovest20.jpg>
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I found these

but his gloves are not black..
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I think the C2 stuff could of been made just for that..I know that the R2 that appeared is the only one IML has evermade.


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Hey, what about these:


RCMP Dress Uniform Gloves - http://www.toughgloves.comThe only problem is the stitching on the back of the hand, but they are black, have an extended cuff (which can tuck into the gauntlet) and has the wrist snap. Maybe we could find other RCMP gloves without the stitching?

Those "Thin Cabretta with Snap" just look too short when compared with that Insider closeup.
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The ones I got are the GIMBEL FRISK and SEARCH GLOVES . They are only TEN BUCKS! And im pretty happy with them.In my opinion there are better things to spend 50+ dollars on when making this Jango suit!
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There are frisking gloves available at http://www.swatools.com but there's a REALLY lousy picture. I'm going to e-mail them to see if there is any stitching on the back. They're around $35. Just thought everyone would want to check it out.
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I am using some motrcycle gloves that are gauntlet style. I thought I could attach some velcro and keep my gaunlets in place. I don't remember the brand name but I got them at Workwear World for about $35. There is no stitching on the back. Pics will have to wait until my other project are ready to be photographed.
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I would have thought that the gloves would have a bit of a cuff so that there'd be no gap between the end of the gauntlet and the beginning of the glove. The Jango pics certainly look like the glove extends a bit past the wrist.
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they don't make leather flight gloves or short version..
Jangos gloves are not flight gloves..
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Now don't rule out that they aren't flight gloves just yet. There's also the possibility that they are modified flight gloves. Props in the SW universe have been known to be modified every day things :)
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There's also a very good chance that they're all leather driving gloves (snap under the wrist) that just mimic the flight glove pattern in the palm/ thumb area.

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Jango Gloves- Just Noticed...

I was looking through the Jango Fett kiddie novel at Walmart earlier, and noticed something about his gloves I haven't previously seen- There's a thin (1/2") placket (sp?) seam going up between his thumb and forefinger like on nomex flyers gloves (see the tan one on the left)

Could these be some all-leather, shortend flying gloves?

Good eye Sarge!

I've been thinking lately that they look a bit too thick/padded to just be tight police frisking gloves. When he makes a fist etc the material bulges out a bit. Are these gloves a bit thicker?

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The material is called Ultra leather. It's a synthetic leather material.
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I had mine made from a old cop leather jacket. Just cutting and sewing thing back together like the real one. Cut the sleeves etc.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangovest1.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/jangovest6.jpg>
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2nd hand store or try an army surplus store. They are very common. I think state troopers were them more.

but remember it needs to be revesed. My buttons are in the back. You could ad a zipper if you want. Or maybe do a search on ebay or something.

good luck!
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