Official Thread - Stubby (arena) Jet Pack


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Official Thread - Stubby (arena) Jetpack


Whoo! This was a TON of work. TONS of improvements. If anyone's interested, I'm selling off a few kits to make up the molding costs.

Email (don't PM)

and don't forget the classic version

Polyglass hollow bodies, resin cast details. THese are really pro-looking.
Hey Jango costumers what do you think classic or stubby JP??

I have been trying forever to decide between the classic or stubby jet pack for jango....what do you all like better?? Anyone for something bad about the stubby as far as wearing it....? pros/cons What do you think is more jango?? just trying to get somne info to help me decide thanks everyone...dan
I am eventually going to get both, but I definately am leaning towards the stubby. Just something different. But, I like the way both look, the stubby one just looks more Jango, in my opinion.
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I personally am going with the stubby.

Not because I like it better or because
I feel it is more Jango, but simply because
I think there are fewer stubby Jangos than
the other.

Now if I only new of an inexpensive way to make it!!!

Any ideas?

What do others plan to do?
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I'm going for the classic for 2 reasons. I've always liked it ever since I was about 10 years old. And 2, cuz I think that was Jango's 1st choice of a better pack. I mean, he wore it till it got busted THEN moved to his "back up" pack, the stubby. That goes with anything. You would use your best baseball bat until you broke it and then move up to the lesser one. Ok, dumb analogy, but you know what I mean... Plus, I think the stubby one looks small and weak. I would only get the stubby one if I've made a Bobba Fett costume with the classic pack, but I didn't. This will be my 1st costume.

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I plan on going with the arena version because 1. It matvhes and 2. it's smaller, lighter and you wont have to be paranoid about smacking that big rocket against a door enterance.
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Looks like its gonna be stubby for me as well. Most likely I'll use some sintra and vacu-forming. Probably fiberglass for the back, since the strengh/weight ratio is the best.

Maybe a balsa frame for that FG to lay on first. I think the stubby seems a bit easier since it's less detailed. Will probably come out cheaper too :) IMHO.
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Stubby here! Seems smaller, which is important for me. I will probably be trying my hand at scratch building it.
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Kylash327 wrote:2. it's smaller, lighter

Umm, the one I've picked up is just as heavy as the classicpack. Just thought you'd like to know :D

Anyway, I like the Stubby pack better but I have the classic pack simply because that's the only one that was avalible at the time I started my costume :)

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stubby is more jango-ey if there is such a term. But I do like the fact that there is a Missile on the other one , you know. Ultimately, both for me as well.
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Stubby!! I think it looks more like Jango than the classic. Plus the first JP I made was a classic and it got damaged beyond repair, so after two more attemts at a classic, I think I'll try a stubby next. I'm ready for a new challenge!
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I think I am going with the stubby. It looks compact yet powerful to me.

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I am going with TK 9120 on this one I can switch back and forth and be more accurate than if I throw the stubby on Boba's back.
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Stubby for Jango, just so that I will have two. Classic for Boba and the stubby for Jango.
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Stubby for Jango. I was going to do an ESB JP for Boba, but if I did the ROTJ Boba JP, I could use it with Jango, couldn't I?

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LisaFett, how much did it cost you to build your jet pack? Do you have more detailed instructions anywhere?
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It cost about $35. The only instructions I've got are on my website. The site's in the middle of getting revamped, but both my father and I have ended up in the hospital during the past month, so I've been a little busy. I'll have the tutorials back up soon, with a lot more pictures. Plus, I'm going to trace the pattern out and copy them off, due to popular demand.
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