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Originally posted by Dean O:

I know I've been asked this quite a few times so figured I'd contribute this here.

These are the paints that I used to paint my Bradley Jet Pack.
-Wal-Mart brand Royal Blue #20001
-Wal-Mart brand Flat White #20009
-Krylon Burgandy satin #3503
(also used for gauntlets)
-Krylon Pumpkn Orange #2411
(also used for shoulders and knees)

I'll get a list of the other colors used and post them in the appropriate sections as I get to them.

Later fellow Fett fans!!


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What are the different colors necessary for painting the jet pack? (I am doing ROTJ version). Also, what are some worthy brands of paints?

I would appreciate any exact brands/color names. Thanks!!
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Im under the impression except for the major dings and dents in the thing it's the same as Daddy Fett had before it was blown off his back in ATOC, so having said that. Mine are True Blue,white,red, by krylon & Orange by sherwin williams.

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Here is my ROTJ / preprop pack......



I used a whole combination of colors on my pack, not one single color on it is one single color, other than the black and silver, but a combination of colors to get a good weatherd faded look effect.....

The main blue is Walmart Brand ColorPlace Navy blue, I misted on to it testors light blue and french blue to give it a nice faded look.

The white color is Color place Ivory misted with ColorPlace Flat white.

The Yellow is Color Place Equipment yellow misted with Krylon Pumpkin orange.
THe red is Color place Burgandy misted with testors dark red.

The stripes are black decal tape. The lettering on the white pack tops, between the stripes is done with large tip magic marker just like the real ROTJ pack.
I weathered the pack with silver paint and I used artist pastles sanded to a powder with sand paper and applied to the pack to make it look dirty, I then misted the pack with flat black to give it a little dirtier look.
Then I cleared the whole thing Testors clear flat.
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Is your jet pack a Bradley jet pack?
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My first pack was a Bradley, this pack is a fiberglass RA pack.
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Does anybody have a list of the colors for the jet pack in RUSTOLEUM?
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Dokie Okie! I used rustoleum Burgandy, Chrome, and Almond, plus Krylon True Blue Satin, and Wal-Mart Equipment Yellow. Lots of misting with ultra-flat black, and grey primer, plus Testors Red-Metal-Flake for the missle tip. To be uber accurate the yellow should be combined with Krylon Pumpkin Orange, but I figured that out after my paint job, and that's a lot of taping! Hope this helps. See my pack here:
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im not sure if this has been covered before but does anyone have an idea what color the ESB jet pack color is?i have no looks like it may be a shade of sage that is used for me here im puzzled.

for those who have an ESB fett what color did you use?
I had wanted to use sage but ended up only with spruce (same as the armor). I believe the spruce was too dark and still plan to use sage on mine.

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i find the chase products company's " color spray" premium enamel , in moss garden green to be quite refreshing after my encounter with the technicolored monster .
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anyone else have any info to share on this? im gearing up to paint my pack soon and would like some input.
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I would look at the thread in the helmet forum, it gives lots of the colors that were used on the original helmet, and I'm pretty sure the same colors would have been used on the jet pack. If you don't feel like buying 20 little bottles of model paint, I think you just buy one to test, could make a sample of the color, and take it somewhere and have a quart made to match.
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On a further note, the jet pack that I painted spruce looked too dark in person but photographed VERY well in my opinion.

Here's the pic:


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Is that a "teaser" on the background, Phil? :D
Will definitely contact you when it comes to painting my pack as I'm sure you'll be painting one pretty soon, eh? :)

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lol, yeah, gotta take every opportunity to snap a pic of that GF suit ;)

I hadn't been happy with the color up until now. I don't know if it's right but it appears to photograph pretty well. I might try that color again and see how it looks photographed with the other pieces.

Knowing now that the helmet color is much darker than had been previously thought, it's understandable that every other color on the suit might be darker as well.

I'll be sure to post pics when my new JP shows up ;)

Thanks Mardon,
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I found this just in time as for I am painting mine this weekend.
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