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Jetpack Greeblies

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

5 greeblies were added to the bottom of the preproduction jet pack. 2 of the details have been positively identified and two more have been possibly identifed. Starting from the RIGHT they are:

Female 3 prong receptacle (positive)
Male 3 prong receptacle (positive)
BNC connector (surface mounted) (possible)
Audio Jack (possible)
Last detail is unknown

The 3 prong receptacles are believed to be made by ITT-Cannon, the same company who makes the XLR connectors found on the gauntlet hoses They are available at many online stores via the part numbers listed below or go to and find a reseller near you.


Male 3 prong receptacle:
PN: XLR-3-32

Female 3 prong receptacle:
PN: XLR-3-31

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Ok, On the ROTJ JP, are there greeblies on the bottom?
ex. mic jacks etc...

If so, where can I get these items?
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The pre-production jet pack does have the bottom greeblies while the RotJ doesn't.


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ThiNg-iEs on Jet pack?

Has anyone figured out what was used on the jet pack near the top...those 2 type of bars sticking out of the top near the center missle? What have all you been using to come atleast close to these two items.?
Huh? A little more specific, please. Are you talking about the fins on the 3rd piece from the top?
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I'm talking about the little metal control / bar things that site on the top of the pack.. in between where the side rocket / gas chambers are and the middle rocket. I believe there is one on each side.

They are both metal... the left one is bigger and taller then the right hand side one.
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Ahhh, you're talkin' about the light beacon. I remember reading that some looking to do it cheaply were using a maglight with a hair spray cover on top, with the slots cut out of it.

The one on the otherside, if you're just looking to do something that looks close . . . just a thin little piece of pipe will get you there. It just goes straight up.

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Thank you ego... that helps.. I'll look into doing them that way...

but hey, if there are other ideas from anyone else.. please don't wait to post.. thanks
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Oh those things! I think the usual terms are the jet pack beacon and stablizer. For the beacon on mine I used a plastic plumbing something from Home DePot. It's not very accurate (or light up) but it looks cool. For the stablizer I found a metal pin at the bar I work at that was right on. It is a pin for a Taylor frozen drink machine handle. Not that easy to find, but a perfect metal match. Check my link for pics.
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Every now and then some resin ones do float around!

Not sure what the search engine can help ya find but the things to look for are "light beacon" and "stabilizer"

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In the past, I have cast up a set of greeblies (already have all the molds) and shipped them in the U.S. for $22.00
Would include all underside greeblies (cast on accurate radio shack parts), female plug,etc.. 6 parts total.
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You should try GA for the greeblies, they cost me $20.00 and are accurate. Seven (7) parts total, including the beacon and adjusting tool as well.
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BobaFettish . . . is that ROTJ pack pic from MOM or AOSW? Don't have my pics in front of me, and it just occured to me that while one ROTJ pack might not have the greeblies, the other might. So many variation of each version of everything ;)
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