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Putting a fan in your helmet?

Originally posted by PropReplicator:

I'm wanting to install one of those CPU fans in my helmet, probably in the back. I've heard of people cutting holes in the keyholes in the back and setting up the fan where it draws in air from those holes.

What's a good way of hooking one of these up? Can someone jot down the easiest way to do this and a parts list, please?

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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

This may not be very helpful but when I get my helmet I plan to get one of those mini dual fans since they overall shape of the keyhole area is long and narrow and so is the shape of a dual fan casing.

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Originally posted by Dean O:

The problem with putting it in the back is space. I know that for me at least my noggin goes all the way to the back of the helmet. I have a mini fan but never got around to putting it in last year. I did hear of one guy putting it below his chin on the inside front of the helmet anagles up to his face. Now getting the helmet on after that would be tricky so he mounted his on an angles mount that sticks to the helmet with velcro so he can put it in after he gets the helmet on.


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help with mic

Originally posted by PurpleSith:

Any one have any idea what the best mic to use in a Fett helmet? I've tried a few different ones and they all sound terrible once I've got the helmet on, very distorted and boomy :( They sound like i'm talking with a bucket on my head, surprisingly!
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Originally posted by Irishpride131972:

What exactly did you use? I want to put a mic of some sort, along with a com unit that is linked to my brothers helmet. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Originally posted by PurpleSith:

I've used a hands free mobile phone boom mic, that sounded REALLY bad, then I moved on to a Headphone/boom mic combo that was meant for using with computers, not as bad but still ropey :( If you want to rig up a system for proper comms, check out this thread at the UKgarrison message board, its using the mic I've currently got (which work very well in a trooper lid, but not Fett:( ), and a really good system for talking to other guys with the same kit.
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or the cheaper route, a simple radio shack amp configured as I did for my trooper helmet:


For the life of me, I can't find the exact name and number of my RS mic and amp... The amplifier is encased in a tiny white plastic box...
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What is a good fan to install and a good mic and speaker system? Does anybody have a diagram of how or where to install?
well personally i dont think you need a fan system. but as to a good mic go to radio shack
here is a pic of it so it will be easy to find. it's called the 'personal microphone system' and the part number is 32-2015 the normal price is $29.99 but mine was on sale for 19.99 so yours may have it on sale too.

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Self Contained Mic? What to use?

I'm looking to install a mic in my Jango helmet, but I want something that will come through a speaker in my helmet, not my chest or on a belt. Does anyone know where i can find a kind of headset or something of that sort for under or around $35?
That's a tough one. I used the exact same Radio Shack amp, mic and laptop speakers that our Stormtroopers use in their helmets for a while, and it was never loud enough. People still had to stick their heads next to my helmet and say "What?" I think it's cause the speakers are placed front-facing in the aerators of the trooper helmets and they can't be with a Fett helmet. I had them at the bottom of each earpiece facing down, so the sound would come out the bottom of the helmet and sound natural, but like I said it was never loud.

I just recently bought one of those Radio Shack personal PA units as described on the RPF a month or so ago. The kind that has the speaker in my belt pouch. Lynn and Dean O bought these also. It's louder, but I still wish I could figure out something self-contained in the helmet or upper chest that would be loud enough to hear and not sound like it's coming from my hip.
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So basially, no one has been able to get it just right so far?
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I think it's because there's no forward facing place to stick speakers based on the shape of the Fett helmet.
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Kylash, if your doing jango, u could put a speaker under the rangfinder if the earpiece was lowered. that might work.
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do you mean dremel out the earpiece to make it hollow or what? I dont quite get it. My earpiece is lowered, but It was a Don Post so I just removed it and lowered it and glued in place.
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Voiceamp question

Ok, I was thinking of putting in my voice amp today, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I have the old $10 Galaxy Trading one, with the little mount for the mouthpiece. I guess I should glue that on the lower part of the inside visor in front of my mouth? Where should I run the speaker to?
I'm not sure this would work, but has anyone tried a speaker in the neck seal? The sound would be clearer than in the helmet, and better yet, it would be coming out of the head area instead of your groin. ;)
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