Off to CE!


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It makes no sense at all why they wouldn't have different categories ????? :confused

I think you look great and should certainly have placed ...... but I honestly think we have been lucky with our two Celebration experiences. I've done a lot of contests both with costumes and in the past with music. They generally are a bit off in my opinion.

Good job though!!! You know you have our support (y)


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for sure!

drokkul...thats very funny.....and very similar too in an uncanny, muppet show kind-of way...hehe


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..hi langsuir,
also a great congrats for ur zam. its really awesome. its the first i ever meet and i was impressed ;)
i met u on saturday as jango and taken some shots .... thx a lot

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As for the Zam, I don't suppose she was asked to go and stand in on a presentation about Bounty Hunters on the Saturday by one of the European Garrisons? If so I was standing on the very same presentation in my Fett!
Ooooh yeah that was me heheh!!
I was there, your Zam costume was outstanding. We never got a long enough look at your work though (I think the little Imperial was just too excited by all the Fett's around him :D ). I never went to the costume pageant but I can't believe you didn't win.
I remember watching you putting it together in your thread, and I'm glad that I got to see it in the flesh. Fantastic.


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My friend Iona took some awesome pictures of CE and i just had to share this one with you as i think its amazing! (unfortunately i did break my toe guard during the photos but it was worth it! lol)

Ooooh and Adm i LOVE that pic of me you and Boba too! its also one of my favourites, us 3 BH's together heheeh

Mojo Fett

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This IMO should have gotten a placement IF not 1st... Thank you for letting me take your pic as it was one of the best and detailed there... well done Langsuir666 (y)



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Love that pic of you jumping Becky! :D (y) That is just awesome!!!!

And next time... you should aim for John's mouth with comments like that! ;)


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Aww thanx Mojo!!! I just felt bad i guess because i wanted to get a place for TDH and also i missed my 501st photo with all the guys because i was doing the costume comp LOL :( Gutted!

Anyhow yeah MM I might accidentally aim a bit lower ;) *evil grin*

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Heres a pic just for you... (not intended to make you feel worse - just a part of it ;)) I have more if you want them by email?


Kay Dee

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry you didn't place in the costume pageant. From what I read at TFN, is sounds like the entire thing was run poorly. I heard they allowed too many people to apply and then had to choose people randomly by lottery. And there were only 3 awards in the adult category!? That is nuts! Even the costume contest at little Dragon*Con has more categories for winning. It almost seems the judges just went with 'popular' rather than really looking at workmanship regardless of how well known the character was. Just my guess.

I'm curious, which Padme won? Was it the one sitting there with the EP II Senate Dress?


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Lang - I can't believe you didn't win anything with your costume :eek: I was the other SE Fett on that bounty hunters presentation and i could not believe how good your costume was (it was one the best costume at CE).

there is no justice :(
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I'm just getting back to the boards after CE and Comic-Con :)

Becky - I wish I could have seen you in person. The photos look AMAZING! Particularly the stage photos. Great job, both of you!

It was lovely to meet both you and John - I wish it had been before the last night though :) Oh well, there's always a reason to come back :)

Finally, if it makes you feel any better, I *was* at the 501st picture but I'm cut off the side in the version posted above. I've not had a chance to check out other versions so I'm not sure if I'm cut out of all of them. :p

I hope you are enjoying Wide Sargasso Sea :)