Not my helmet


New Hunter
So, my kids are as obsessed with The Mandalorian as I am and have decided to share their love with the Elf on the shelf that visits our house around this time of year.
I made the mistake of posing her in the tree with the Grogu ornament I made for my daughter. The scale actually was pretty close. The kids wrote the elf a letter asking her to do something Mandalorian every Friday for the release of the latest episode. Sigh, what have I gotten myself into?
Luckily I find myself with only 3 Fridays I need to cover. Not sure what to do with 2 of them, but I have got one figured out. I spent a hour before class making a 'close enough' approximation of one of the Night Owls helmets for the little thing to wear. A student 3D printed it and it is on its way in the mail.
Figured I would share the fruits of my labor here with you kind folks.


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