Noob bucket questions (wire for shape?)


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Heya! A short while ago, a friend of mine from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) sent me a bucket and some armor pieces, and I'm looking forward to getting into costuming. I've been a bounty hunter (specifically Boba) fan most of my life, so he's my subject.

Fortunately, because I don't have the experience or cash to go from scratch, the bucket is already painted. I just have to re-attach the visor, which is separating from the rest of the helmet, and do the interior.

My friend told me I could use a coat hanger around the inner edge of the helmet to help it hold shape and strengthen it, but I haven't been able to find a tutorial on such yet.

If anyone could pass along tips, instructions, links to tutorials, etc for attaching the visor, strengthening the helmet, and doing the interior, that would be awesome. Thanks!
you can get metal hoops at like walmart for like 69 cents... , 12 inch ones that you can cut , i used that.. lemme find a pic theres a few threads with things like that in it, ones mine

Picture 085mod.JPG
I used a close hanger that I cut and bent into shape, then used Welding glue to fix it in (the stuff takes forever to dry, but holds like a rock). I put two in for added support, and I'm working on padding over it.
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