New zapper sidearm


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The first time I went to our clubs club night I stupidly forgot my ammo-belt...whic halso had myblaster in holster. When our headman retreved the blaster was found:( :cry
But now from the ashes will rise a new blaster, a better blaster with an all new lipstick case and glowstick barrel!!!!

i give you the all new nintedo zapper blaster a-la Zoe

the green and red things are drawingpins stuck in the holes where the screws used to be... the barrel as said before is a cut-up glowstick and underthat is a lipstick case (a colour I wasnt very fond of mind you;) ) I am still going to add stuff, but intill I find my pliers or steal my dads for a bit thats all so far.
Let me know what you think!!(y) (n) :confused :cheers
(old blaster is below)

new zapper.JPG

Blaster with holster.JPG


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Am I right in thinking that you dry-brushed the original pistol with silver in order to weather it? If so then I have some advice which should help.

Instead of dry-brushing I recommend a more gentle approach to weathering. Using a silver (I recommend Games Workshop's Boltgun metal) and a small detail brush paint small chips and scratches around the muzzle/emitter. This represents the damage to the paint caused by firing the weapon. Do some minor scratches under the barrel to represent scratches from the holster, some weathering along the edge of the trigger and a small amount of weathering along the barrel. Then get a different shade of silver (my personal choice is Games Workshop's Chainmail) and paint inside the chips and larger scratches leaving areas of boltgun metal visable. Once dry wash the entire gun with a brown ink wash then a very watered down black ink wash. This adds a level of dirt to the gun.

The scratches and chips should be organic looking not just straight lines. Lines don't look right and detract from the gun. Here's an example of weathering I've done on a blaster pistol I carry.



The entire gun was then given a coat of clear laquer to protect it from paint damage during trooping. Hope that helps you some.