New zapper sidearm


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The first time I went to our clubs club night I stupidly forgot my ammo-belt...whic halso had myblaster in holster. When our headman retreved the blaster was found:( :cry
But now from the ashes will rise a new blaster, a better blaster with an all new lipstick case and glowstick barrel!!!!

i give you the all new nintedo zapper blaster a-la Zoe

the green and red things are drawingpins stuck in the holes where the screws used to be... the barrel as said before is a cut-up glowstick and underthat is a lipstick case (a colour I wasnt very fond of mind you;) ) I am still going to add stuff, but intill I find my pliers or steal my dads for a bit thats all so far.
Let me know what you think!!(y) (n) :confused :cheers
(old blaster is below)
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