New TK409 Gloves *PICS*

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New TK409 Gloves *PICS* More info...

Additional Info:
The sizes are S/M and L/XL. Please specify which size and colors you want to
My sister Dianna makes these to order. If any of you have attempted these, you know it's around 4 hours of tedious hand-stitching per pair. I think she's done such a fantastic job - I thought she used a machine! The gloves are made from the longer cotton parade glove which is great for keeping them tucked inside your gauntlets. They come in ROTJ light gray and ESB dark gray. Assymetrical hand patches are intentional for accuracy. Her price on these is $59 shipped.
Let me know what you think! PM me for details.




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Look great Chris! I'll have to get a pair of ROTJ after I save some more "expendable" cash. :)

Chris, I think that your wife and sisters are going to end up taking more credit for your Boba suit than you are! Those gloves look great dude!
This has been my TK-409 shopping spree day.
First a neck seal this morning and now a pair of gloves! LOL

Paypal sent man!
you are so lucky to have such talented sisters. Now thanks you you, we are all lucky that you have such talented sisters! I'll definately have to be getting a pair of these, right after I get the vest from you.
Once again...TK409....

:love :eek: :love :eek: :love :eek: :love :eek:

I will not be signing up for one (not yet), but that's guaranteed that you'll be in my list of FIRST CONTACT for the gloves. Hey, I won't be using Fett gloves for a whole year....go figures, but needing a pair really soon. ;)
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