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I'm sure many others have already done this, but I modified the mandalorian templates to fit Boba's more correctly (or so I think). The black outline is obviously my template and in the background you can see the picture I used matched up pretty nicely. What do you think?

Not too shabby.

My only advice . . . don't try to be so "rigid" with your templates. There's a lot of things on Fett that just aren't symmetrical, or don't line up. Don't be afraid to put some curves in there. Every line doesn't have to be perfectly straight.

Certainly on the right track though! :)

Yeah I know about the rigid part, but this is designed to be cut out of aluminum and then bent at the edges, so I figured the corners will be rounded after the template's cut out.

Edit: About the symmetry, I had just guess the differences in each side would be a result of the creation process and not the template itself. This was more a test of trying to get the proportions right.
HI. If you are making your armor with aluminum my advice to you is to trace the templates and everything else [exactly the way it is].Metal can be tricky when bending and folding it can [change on you]and the results will not be the same as you truly wanted them. Another thing try to make whatever you are tracing a little bigger so you can grind and shape afterwards.
That's a good point about making it bigger. I'll definitely have to make it slightly bigger because I'll bend the edges inward.
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