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As most of you probably know by my last post in the Sarlaac Pit.....My boneheaded landlord threw out a good portion of my work to date thinking it was junk plastic in the basement. I recieved some compensation, but not enough. I had to pretty much start over as he tossed all my armor and my half completed jet pack as well as my 3/4 done blaster. So much time and energy down the tubes!!
I went to the local sign shop and picked up some Sintra and I wish I had done it with this material to begin with. Incredibly easy to work with and I think I'll actually be able to make a nice backplate out of this stuff.
The Torso armor was origionally 3mm thick, but that still looked too thin for me so I added a lip of 2mm sintra on the backside of the
pieces to give it a thicker appearance. I figure this will also help the armor sit more flush to the vest as I'll be using the snap method.
Once again thanks to Wizardofflight for his wonderfull templates! These pieces are far superior to my initial set of armor.
(I forgot how much fun painting the armor was!) The paint work is done, I just have some misting for the chest armor and a couple of dulling washes to apply after I complete the other pieces (cod, kidney and backplate. Want em to match up right color wise).

Thanks for looking


Looks beautiful! That's terrible about your landlord...some people! :facepalm
I just finished a set of sintra armour myself...hope mine looks as great as yours when it's finished! :)
Just a quick question...did you mix your ATSF Catwhisker Yellow with something else? I'm having trouble getting the correct colour on my shoulders.
Nice work!
Dude! That looks REALLY good. You stole my idea, though, of adding an additional lip of sintra to the back edges! :p

Seriously though, I'm glad to know that works in practice. In my head, it was just theory! Once you rounded the edges like you did it really looks like a single, thick sheet.

The paint on your bells looks fabulous. :love Did you paint all this by hand???

Where did you get your decals from???
woah dude :eek: I've been working on mine for over 3 months and your waaaaay ahead of me dude :facepalm :lol: I seriously need to get my act together, i've only painted 2 shoulder bells, my ab and left breast plate :facepalm ;)

Kepp up the fantastic work (y):)

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Okay, I don't feel as sorry for you now. LOL But really, that looks great! You are a truely gifted artist (or psycho Fett fan).
As always thanks guys.

To answer the questions,
The bells were done with a base of pumpkin orange, then while still wet.....Sunburst yellow. All topical this masking. The lightish yellow around the damaged areas was handmixed with testors enamels. White, yellow and tan. Dents testors bright silver. ALOT of pastel work with yellows, oranges, white, and a little red. The black and grayish streaks are also pastel. No misting at all on the bells.

The decals I made from the 5.99 testors easy decal creator kit. I just sized them up in MS Paint, and printed them out.....nice waterslide decals. couple of washes and finished with a satin clear to seal and protect.

Thanks again

P.S. I think I fall into the psycho fett fan category Pavespawn
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