New RA jumpsuit : UPDATE, pics*****

Tim Allen

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Here is the pic's of my RA jumpsuit...Fits really well just the colors off...The 1st pic is just to show you the size of it. The second pic shows a close up of the color compared to a closer ESB color that is baby blue...Neither color is correct but you get the idea. Any dying ideas???
Cool, Tim.
I'd love to see those pics. I am still up in the air as to what to do about a suit.
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Cool Tim, look forward to seeing pics too. I'm leaning towards a jumpsuit that's matching the Marmit Fett. I may start bringing Mr.Fett along fabric runs...

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If it is anything other than 100% cotton, you are going to be hard pressed to lighten it. Good luck.
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Aw hell, if it ISN'T cotton, "dust" it with flat white indoor/outdoor spray paint. That always works for me.:)

Looks awesome. I can't wait to get mine!
I dunno Tim, but it looks pretty darn good, IMHO. Allowing for pic quality and my monitor colors, I compared it to my Marmit Fett, and while not an exact match, it looks pretty good.


Besides, once you "weather it", it will probably look great!
What material is that???? :confused

It looks like windbreaker material. The design and details look perfect, but it doesn't look like coton.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Actually im not sure of the material...I emailed RA about it, but havnt heard a response. Its actually kinda cottonish feeling, im guessing its got mostly cotton and possiable like a lil satin or poly. in it.Theres were you see that shine. But its not that windbreaker material, its not plasticy feeling at all.
Please, let me know and keep posted about the material it is made of. Planning to order it from RA sometime soon, as well as the vest.

I have to look at the color personally, to see if I could bleach it to have the exact color (ROTJ style).
I had an RA jumpsuit. It was well sewn, and great quality. But I think it was too dark for either costume. The neckseal is the wrong color, and the material was more of a polymer or some sort of blend. Hard to describe, but definitely not the tweed/denimish material I think it should be.

I'm planning to take my Marmit Fett out to fabric stores and see how close I can come to the color. I'm pretty happy with that shade.
Once that's accomplished, I'll be sending the material to RA to make my jumpsuit.

Of course, the neckseal will have to be a different color!!

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