General New pic of my Jango



Just got this from FilmCon, I'll prolly have more soon. This is the most clear and largest picture of my costume so far so, here yah go:

<img src=>

I'll be updating the chest armor and vest soon, as you can tell, it's a bit large on me. I'll also be making new leather pouches.
I like the armor but i dont like the pose. Do it again! just kidding. very cool dude. put some more weathering in there ;)
Sweet man!
Digging the pose, kinda looks like your balancing on one of those big circus balls! :)
BTW, what kinda helmet is that?
Seeker, you punk :p The armor is really quite dirty, but the flash always flushes it out. The helmet is a DP, I dont remember what year, I alreayd sanded the copywrite stuff.
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