New perspective on the ESB's helmet colors

Tyler Durden

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This may be refreshing for some and old news for others. Almost all the photographic references of the ESB helmet show it to be very lightish green (the infamous pepto shown in exhibit photos) or bluish from the ESB stills/film. However, the actual colors are a lot darker than we have seen in most pics. And I think our perception of the helmet colors has been slightly askew due to the material we have.

Well, Brak's Buddy scanned a photo that I have been looking for awhile. It's a pic of the ESB Hero/AOSW helmet OUTDOORS at one of the SE's premiers, I believe.
Yes, natural lighting! Hope the pic helps those without access to an airbrush or to Panzer Olive Green (the 99.99 % correct color) to make their custom mixes more accurate.

esb_outdoors.jpg that's a great pic! A perfect example of what we've been looking for.

Too bad his braids are on the wrong side :rolleyes (what a picky dork I've become :lol: )

Max, the rest of that pic is equally a mess. He's missing a knee, his thigh pockets are open, and his ammo belts are all over the place. And to top it all off, he only has half a scope on his rifle! Must have been a bad day!
Cool pic! I never thought i would see an outdoor shot of the ESB helmet...well other than in ROTJ that is.
The real green is much darker than it looks in 99% of Fett reference pics.
The picture above looks like it was taken in very bright sunlight (note shdows and the woman in the background trying to keep the sun out of her eyes), which still makes it look a lighter green than what it really is imo.

This picture and the similar pictures tylerdurden posted recently show the base green colour really well:

Hey TD - can you get Brak's to show us the rest of those pics ;)

As far as the discombobulation of his suit is concerned, probably just some poor LFL schmuck who got nominated to do something he probably didn't even want to do :lol:

I remember seeing a video of this SE premier - I think it's floating around on the internet somewhere but it's real grainy - never knew pics of it were published tho - want more!! Because, as you know, I'm the SE freak!! :D
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