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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Primer1, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Primer1

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    Wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I recently joined the site to fulfill a long time want.....a full blown ESB Fett outfit. I grew up with Star Wars (original version) and remember watching ROTJ in the theater. According to my parents, I saw ESB as well, but I was only 4 at the time so I don’t really recall. Needless to say, even in my early 40s, I still love everything Star Wars, especially ESB....watching it as I type. I have two daughters, one of which (the youngest) loves everything Star Wars as much as me. My hobbies include work (takes up most of my time), building/restoring cars (my therapy time) and of course, enjoying Star Wars.

    One thing I can say is that I never knew there was so much info regarding Boba Fett before this site. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize there were differences between ESB Fett and ROTJ Fett until this site. There’s a wealth of information here, most of which I will never get the time to read. However, the contacts I’ve made so far have been extremely helpful. It seems there’s a solid group of folks here all dedicated to the same cause and I’m grateful to be part of this experience. Since yesterday, I’ve made my first purchase towards my goal, a set of armor from WastedFett. Thanks to everyone so far that I’ve come in contact with (all electronically) and I look forward to getting to know more of you. Thanks again - Jay
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  2. bcurtis

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    Welcome! I'm a Virginia boy too, born and raised. I'm in Pittsburgh now but come back down to visit family and troop every couple/few months. Where are you located in VA?
  3. Evan1701

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    Welcome to the forums Jay! I'm in Virginia, near Roanoke. We have a lot of Fetts in Garrison Tyranus. I know of 2 ESBs already approved and I am building one that should be approved in the next couple weeks. Make sure you sign up on the Garrison Tyranus forums, my fellow Garrison mates have been absolutely invaluable help during my build. I've had my Fett at 3 separate armor parties.
  4. Primer1

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    I’m in Halifax VA, just outside South Boston. Thank you for the welcome!


    Thanks for the response. Where do I find the Garrison Tyranus it on TDH? I’m still trying to find my way. Thanks again!
  5. CannonFodder347

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    I am also doing ESB Fett.. started first week of February this year.
    Seems like a lifetime ago with as frustrating as this process is..
    First, my initial estimates of cost were substantially off.. it’s doubled.
    Second, I’m spoiled in the world of Amazon Prime etc.. these ETAs on orders and communication with vendors can be horrible.
    Good luck and smooth sailing to you!

    Wilmington NC
  6. Evan1701

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    Check it out here: Garrison Tyranus is the 501st Legion unit for Virginia.

    I am assuming you are going for 501st Legion approval. If you aren't familiar with the Legion, take a few minutes and check out The 501st Legion . Your whole life is about to change... :D

    I think you are considered Galactic Center Squad on your side of the state, most troops near you are going to be in Lynchburg or Richmond. Since you are so close to North Carolina, you may find some troops in the Carolina Garrison: 501st Legion Carolina Garrison
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  7. Ghost_Fett

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    Welcome to the dented helmet! You are certainly in the correct place if you are interested in Fett. Also congratulations on picking the premier Fett the one and only ESB! ;)

    If you have any questions I’m always up for helping. You will find the people here are an incredible resource.
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  8. Primer1

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    Thanks all for the warm welcome!
  9. superjedi

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    Welcome to TDH! Another Virginian here from Hampton Roads. I live in Newport News and work in Norfolk, so I get to have the pleasure of commuting through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel 10 times a week! LOL
  10. ShortFuse

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  11. Primer1

    Primer1 New Member

    My condolences! Seems like every time I drive through there, the traffic is terrible. I feel for you man!
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  12. WTFett

    WTFett Member

    Welcome :)

    NoVA Fett here...
  13. Primer1

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    Glad to see so many Virginia folks! As Evan pointed out, I'm extremely close to the Carolina' a matter of fact, seems like most of my childhood memories were formed in the Carolina's, especially the Outer Banks. Even today my daughter plays soccer in Greensboro.

    Made another purchase last night...a set of boots from Imperial Boots. Anyone have an opinion or experience with those?
  14. hvacdon

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    Welcome P1 !! Glad you're aboard !! I just noticed that some of the pre-orders of the boots are just starting to be received from the pre-ordering period.
    I haven't heard anything bad about them yet...
  15. Brokk

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    A lot of Virginia Fetts, makes me proud..

    Welcome. Im near Richmond

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