New here also.. is Bobamaker= MorrowSun?


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Hi all, I new here but have been reading alot of the threads.

Most people are saying to buy a Mystery sized fiberglass bucket ( I agree)

The question I have is.. BobaMaker where Morrow Sun is? I have seen photos of his work and it looks amazing.


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Personal preference if you ask me… BM makes an great ESB bucket. I’ve never seen a MorrowSun up close but the from the pic's they look great as well. Cant go wrong either way.

Just stay away from Ebay.
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Welcome to the board!

I've had a BM bucket, and am awaiting my second from him. All I can say is they rock. I haven't seen a MS in person but the pics look great. As Shortimer says, either one is great. Its how you paint it that makes it.



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Thanks all for the input, I have e-mailed Bobamaker with a few questions.. but will likely by a deluxe bucket from him :)