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I rarely visit this section as I normally live on the Zam topics for my girlfriend

I own an industrial vac former and make screen accurate shoulder bells hand plates, thermal dets, that kind of thing at a reasonable price for my friends in the UKG. The aim is to get us all looking cool at a low cost :)

One friend has asked if I make Boba gauntlets/armour etc. I don't at present but if I were to do this what would you guys be looking for to be improved on what's currently out there now?

*** Which parts would you like sharpend up etc ***

Bare in mind this only refers to vac formed parts

Here's a little example of what I've done so far...




clay type stuff
Just want to add here that I have seen all of Johns work.

Amazing. :)

The clean sharp lines, the finish etc etc....

John, I would certainly buy some gauntlets off you. :cheers
ah Ian, cheers dude ;)

I've bene looking at knee parts and stuff like and I'm thinking, stuff it! I'll make a whole suit for myself. Jet back being the trickiest thing I guess
Time, time time. I need more time
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