***NEW esb armor ref shots???***

Tim Allen

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Well ive been deliberating on this for some time and im sure some of you may have noticed this but i was thumbing through the ESB ref shots and comparing this specific ESB shot of fetts armor Fett1 Along with the pre-pro shots pre-pro1 This may have been deliberated a long time ago but i would have to say the pre-pro chest armor and the esb armor are exactly the same. Notice the identical "single" dent marks on the right breast plate. Where as the ROTJ one has 2 dents as we all know. On another note i also noticed that on this pre-pro suit shot pre-pro2 the shoulder bell "dents" are identical to this esb ref shot esbshot The only difference being that the esb shoulder bell has alot more weather around the dents. Like i said this topic may have already been discussed, but i would still like some im-put on this. - Tim
I think they might have used the same set of armor, but I do think they did a re-paint on it. If you look close around the dents on the chest the ESB seems a little more subtle and less silver more yellow.
I for one, totally agree. I mean without the CGI appearance of Boba in A New Hope in the Han/Jabba docking bay scene, ESB is the first movie that Boba Fett appears. I think that alot of the stuff on the Pre-Pro Suit was used in ROTJ, but I believe that LFL tried to go for a more "stealthy" look in ESB with more of the Drab Colors instead of the flashy jet pack and red Gauntlets, but brought them back in ROTJ so he would stand out more, like when he is quick draw mcgraw in Jabbas palace, and flying off into the Sarlacc. It would seem more realistic to me, if the armor from pre-pro was the first one that they used. And then when the supposed STOLEN ESB suit occurred, they resorted back to the circus Jet Pack and bucket.
Yeh its hard to say, lighting sure does funny things to colors. But the dents and where the damage is located on both the armor is pretty identical.
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