New Bucket!


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After I finished my Fett bucket, I looked at the one I was using for my Scout, Rubies, and determined it was time for an upgrade! :) Well, I want to present to you, my MLC Scout painted and weathered by yours truely!


^ Front/Head On


^ Looking Left


^ Back view


^Looking Right


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That's a good-lookin' bucket!

You may want to soften the edges of the weathering, as it still looks like it was painted on with fingers.


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never_risk_the_fett_man -

You seriously don't want the old helmet. It is seriously cracking and the warping a bit. I wouldn't feel right selling it or even giving it away. I don't want anyone to inherit the problems I had. :( I'm sorry.

Batninja... thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can do to soften them up a bit. :)

lonewolf 1183

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What works best is to dab arcrylic paint on pretty heavy with a brush, and then take a damp or dry paper towel or rag and wipe the paint, removing most of it. If you have something that water would be running down, wipe top to bottom. If you want the windswept look like your biker scout, wipe front to back. You end up removing most of the paint you initially dab on, but as you build up the layers of doing this process of dabbing and wiping off a few times, the results are quite realistic looking.;) This is how I weathered my custom mando, and my pack and helmet turned out awesome.