New bounty hunter voice amp


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I posted this over at the RPF.

Basically I just finished up a new low-cost trooper and Fett voice changer/amp. It does both effects and has several new features for a voice changer in its price class. It is still not as accurate as Vortex, but is meant to be more of a "bang for the buck" unit.

I just put a few fett samples up, please let me know what you think.

Feel free to contact me if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking.

Grendel_Blitz wrote:

Cool sounds. I like the static burst capability too.
Is the low cost version the $135?

I think the "good" one is around $300-400, So, yes it is the low cost version if it is.

I thought that pretty much any voice amplifier would do as far as being able to speak and be heard clearly while wearing our helmets. I really didn't consider that these devices actually change your voice somewhat as well.

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