New BM Sculpts


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I've finally finished updating my Cod, Butt, Collar and Back sculpts. I started these a while back, just after I'd finished updating the chest armour.

BACK: This had minor adjustments, mainly the width of the portion that goes over the shoulders and a slight change to the overall width.

BUTT: A lot slimmer (height).

COD: A lot different, slimmer, new detail (circled), dent position moved, new dent added and the portion that goes beneath the cod is longer and has more curvature.

COLLAR: wider, new dent position, new dents added, slightly shorter and the inner curvature (near the neck) now has the slight angles rather than rounded.

I hope these descriptions make sense:facepalm

IMPORTANT: The new collar and back armour will not fit the old collar and back (eg. new back & old collar, won't match). I do still have the Version 1 moulds so I can still make these if needed.






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The bottom portion is the same, the central portion (across the shoulder blades) is about 1cm narrower on each side, and the top neck section is about 2-3cm wider.


How much wider is the new back plate? The new sculpts look great Darren! I see an upgrade in the near future.
All highly impressive work (y) always on a quest on improve upon already outstanding work it seems :lol:

Look forward to seeing the armour in person when it arrives (y)


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Nice new sculpts ... I'm new to all this but your stuff looks very high in quality. I was wondering if you ever plan on making gauntlets becase i can't seem to find thoes....and i like that you use fiberglass


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The new stuff looks great!
With the new collar and backplate being wider overall, is the opening in the middle slightly larger too?
I have my collar/backplate semi-permanently mounted together, and it's a really tight squeeze getting my big ol' melon in there! :lol:

Dha Syntir

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My Bobamaker knee armor and hollow rf stalk from Daz today sooner than expected. All of his fiberglass or resin castings etc are flawless compared to other's selling similar products. It was refreshing to be able to just design the color scheme and be ready for paint right out of the box. So Daz can count me as yet another of his happy and satisfied customers who will certainly be back for more. Probably sooner than I think. So thanks Daz, very well done...