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Well, after a lot of tweeking I've finally finished my new chest armour sculpts. I've checked and scrutinised every picture that I have in my posession to get this armour as close as I can to the screen used stuff.

The main change is the overall curvature but I've also changed the shape of the two chest pieces and the centre diamond very slightly and I've also done a few other very minor tweeks.

To say I'm happy with the results would be an understatement. I will be moulding these this week, so they will then replace my older version.

WOW DAZ great work again. Would you post a side to side comparsion to your older set.

Just curious to you plan to update other sculpts of yours in the near future? Just wondering, since I still need a lot of them as you know and if I better wait a little longer before I get them. ;)
You know... It would be cool If you didn't have to update your molds RIGHT after I purchase parts from you.. :p The helmet and now this..

Did you make any changes to the collar piece? It still looks to me like it isn't totally curved on the inside edge, but has sort of a "\_/" shape to it..

Anyway, it's great to see you constantly upgrading your work.. Amazed as usual..
I haven't altered the collar piece, it's still oval on the inside and not angled. If I can find time I will be altering the Cod next, nothing major, just taking an inch or so off the overall height. I will take a couple of side by side shots against my old sculpt tomorrow, I'll highlight the differences between them.

Gday Daz,

Beautiful stuff awesome work!!! Trust me i know how good this stuff is i got some and was very impressed!!! Keep up the good work DAZ!

Oh by the way do you do "trade ins" on old armour hehehehehe....


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