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i'm thinking i might do a neo-crusader type mando(as seen in KOTOR 1&2) but i'm not too sure where i'd get some good patterns.
Ideas?Has anyone else done/tried this?
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You can also try getting multiple pics from Star Wars Galaxies as crusader armor is in that game. Atleast that way you can get close-ups and such.
This is one armour that has always scared me, at least the thought of doing it/putting it together. I love it, very "antique" feel to it as far as mando goes, but the major problem i have with it is how you would possibly move your neck in it?

Everything else looks as far as comfortable as armour gets, but that helmet completely obscurers your head movement. Anyone got any ideas to help this guy out? if you could sort out moving your head in this one, you could be all set to start on it.

Best of luck tho, let us know how you go with it :)
The bottom of the helmet would have to be something like leather, then from the chin up you could have the actual hard helmet. That way the neck would flex enough to let you move it some.
I don't think it's impossible, you would just need to reconsider material choices. I think it would need to be more like a latex mask than a helmet. That's just my opinion on it all though.

The SWG version has in my opinion a much better graphic detail of NC armor. I would suggest getting some screen shots of that and working with it, that way you can get all sides and see exactly how things fit together.
maybe start thinking along the lines of modifying a Royal Guard helmet for this? No, you wouldn't be able to turn your head, but it sure would look cool.
for the neck, yes use leather, with the hard helmet like normal, but get it all flowing, use the leather up to that strip in the middle/top of the head, or better yet have that be leather too, and have the side connected only to that for a better flow down tothe shoulders.
Is this armor in any other game other than ST galaxies? If so, I might be able to rip out the mesh, or at least get really good reference pics straight from the game engine.

In the next couple weeks, I could probably model out a rough idea or two. Just gotta get through with HS graduation.
Here's some stuff to point out NovallTalon's idea.




and also, it may not look like there are seams on the game models, but trust me, the color changes on the helmet, cloth or not, would probably have a seam. game engines jsut work that way. mst of the detail is in the textures, not the models. If you've played Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, take a look at Kyle's shirt strings near the collor. It's all painted onto the texture, and isn't even mdoeled out.
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why so much hate, clayster? hes just interested in building a neo...and which helmet are you refering to...the mandalore neo crusader? or the regular neo crusader? i think both are considred NC...and either one of them would be a great project
If I did this, the helmet would only be a solid piece on the top "mowhawk" portion, then a stretchy nylon material for the sides of the head. Or a Leather material. then you could have it stretched out properly on a harness under the vest. You would not want to stretch it out too much though. This is just my 2 cents. I didn't read each post in depth, so if someone already suggested this, my bad! Good luck! Not sure how you would see out of that small "snout" looking peice on the helmet.
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