Neo Crusader

These Kotor Neo Crusaders? I have never seen one being built (doesn't mean one haven't, though). Since someone even managed to build Durge, building one can't be impossible however :)
the biggest difficulty facing you is once you get the suit on, how would you move?
That'd be a really cool costume to put together, but it can certainly be done. Can't you simply use one of the red Imperial Guards as it's bucket, no? You may want to speak with the fella who made a really awesome Durge costume. He'd be able to help you immensely if he's inclined as the Neo-Crusader's armor and Durges aren't that different from each other...I'm sure someone could point you in the right direction-I'll see if I can find his username so you can PM him after bit...

Merry Christmas!
I saw these mandalorians in the game,and i couldnt stop thinking of them.
Im planning on sculpting the helmet and making thick latex copies.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
i know this sound... evil? but this costume seems easy, save the helm of course. then again the cheap way out is a Royal Guard helm..... which was said

the big peices with white are armor, the rest is like ... well use under armor and some fake leather (pleather) to match.... armor wise yea got
Head, Chest, Pauldrens (upper arm), Gauntlets, Thigh, and Leg.. o and boot

i sugest bending sintra
If I remember correctly, I think I read somewhere that the Imperial/Royal Guards are the easiest costumes to put together, and one of the cheapest. Is that true? Sorry, that's kinda off topic but I was curious...Also though, wasn't the Imperial Guards helmet actually based upon the Neo-Crusader? It couldn't be coincidence though, could it?

well considering roayl gaurds dont have a kit to put together, it may be cheap, but hard to put together.

but it should be fairly easy, correct me if i am wrong guys!
I guess the work on Royal guards are mostly with the robes, so the difficulty would likely be affected by the skill you have with textiles and patterns.

But anywho; I don't think Royal guard-helmets are that close to the Neo Crusader's as it would appear at a first glance. And with the modifications needed to it, it might just be easier to sculpt a whole new helmet from scratch.
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