Needed help with a jet pack harness

I been working on my resin jet pack and getting to the point where I need to build a hardness. I need some do's and don't before I start working on it. I want to get it right the first time.

Can anyone help me.

hey buddha, try tk409's website, he has a simple inexpensive way to make a harness, i am at that point as well, and am going to try his method. hope this helps.
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Ask and ye shall receive :D

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Hey TK...can you show a pic of your backplate. So we can see the slots. I have a similar harness...but the pack rides way low.
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Let me know if you want some accurate black webbing for the straps. It's 100% accurate.
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Arent the straps off-white? I'm not sure but in the reference pictures of MoM the straps holding the back on are sorta white colored.
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The straps that extend out of the backplate are off-white, but the waist strap and the straps that go around the arms and connect at the top and bottom of the metal frame are black.
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