Need some recomendations

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Need some recommendations

Just received a set of armor form BH and wondering what Mods people have made? Here are just a few of the questions I have before starting this phase of my project.

1) Are you fixing the collar and back plate permanently? I’ve eye balled it and I don’t think Ill be able to slip my head through the hole.

2) How do you open up the shoulder bells when there fiberglass? I’m concerned the shoulder bells may not be wide enough for my deltoid.

3) Are you trimming the butt plate (meaning where it comes around your waist)? What’s the easiest way to get in and out of this?

Any help would be appreciated. Id would love to see what’s worked the best for those with completed suits or individuals further along than I.
1. I didnt although people do bolt them together after its around your neck and back. I simply used a heat gun to perfectly match up the neck and collar and use velcro to stick them to each other, its unnoticable imo and stays together well.

2. Pop it in the oven on 350 for about 2 minutes at a time untill you can work with it a little then bend it where you want.

3 This sounds wierd, but you want to make sort of a thong out of it with elastic going from each end of the butt/back plate on the ends, and a piece of elastic from the bottom of the cod piece to the middle of the butt plate giving you a wedgie. you can sew a loop in the jumpsuit where the buttplate meets the cod so it wont fall down while you walk.
2. The shoulder bells aren't really on your deltoids.. they are fixed on the vest and are a bit lower on the shoulder. they cover the area where your anterior deltoid and middle connect to your femour (upper arm). So i don't know if you really need to open them up.. but if you do.. do the oven trick mentioned above or use a heat gun..
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