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Greetings everyone! long time no post (sorry about that). Activities in my life have made a fatal flaw and given me two seconds to continue work on my Fett costume. So with that being the case I need some die hard fact from those that I have come to highly respect….you folks!

The project that I need to complete first is my custom backpack. I am hoping to make it out of Sintra as it is the easiest to work with. My questions then are as follows.

1. Does anyone know where I can buy sheets large enough to shape two halves out of that is in or will ship to Colorado?
2. I need this backpack to be sturdy but light as possible, so what thickness should I be concentrating on. (By sturdy I mean, strong enough to lie on without cracking.)
3. At what temperature does Sintra begin to deform after it has been shaped? I am planning on being in an environment where the ambient temperature can be 105 degrees.
Well so far those are the questions I have. I very much appreciate your help in this area as I would like to locate the appropriate Sintra and get to work ASAP. All of you here do fantastic work and I want to thank you for being part of this amazing resource.

Not that I claim to be a pro by posting in your thread,but I thought I might help...I'm sorry to say that I don't know anything about sintra...:(

I'd just try a quick google search as I'm sure most suppliers in the US would ship anywhere.

Good luck.

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