Need RF stalk for new movie-sized Helmet


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Hey folks,
I've got one of the new movie-sized helmets that are floating around but I need a rangefinder stalk that's compatible.

Can you other MSH owners please direct me?

Thanks much,
I've got two simple letters for you.

R & A


I ordered one and it couldn't be more perfect!

Not to mention fast too. I think I paypalled on a monday, had it in my hands on a thursday if my memory serves me right.

Won't be the last time I shop there, that's for sure! :)

I still have the resin stalk that came with my MSH. It was one of the last ones sent. I too opted for the one mentioned above. If anybody is interested in the resin one, $15 will get it to your door via Priority Mail (about three days within the USA).
I have one of the MSH. I bought a RA stalk for my DP96 and thought it looked a little small for the bigger bucket just eye balling it. Is the resin one the same size as the RA aluminum? Am I being to criticle on the height?
Hmmm, not sure. It looks pretty much bang on size wize on mine . . . but, I did tell him that I had the MSH, so, maybe he sent me a different size. I don't have a resin one to take any comparison shots on though.

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