Need pics / bottom half/f left gauntlet...


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In regards to the M.O.M. boba

Hey! Hey!
The M.O.M. boba's guantlets.The little square indents on the under side of the guantlets.I know for jango it's 4 on right
and 3 on the left.What are the # of indents on boba's?


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Boba's indents are the same as Jango's; four on the right and three on the left. Here's some reference shots for you:



Part of his sleeve is going into the center indent of the left one, but you can see that it is there.
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Boba Freekk

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gauntlet indentations

im working on my sintra gauntlets and im confused as to the placement of the rectangular some pictures they appear to be directly opposite the top of the guant on the bottom and in others they seem to be on the bottom but towards the inside.anyone have any idea?i just want to confirm their place ment before i go dremel happy :lol:


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The indentations on the right gaunt (4) are just below the inside seam. Mine are 1/2" from the seam. Those on the left gaunt (3) are more toward the bottom. I placed mine 1" from the inside seam so they were still noticeable.
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Boba Freekk

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it was tough finding good pics of the indentations.even when i found some it was difficult to tell where exactly they were.thanks boba phat :cheers
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This is a call out to those who have made/own pretty accurate gauntlets. I'm planning on making my own gauntlets, but this part is hanging me up. I have the ref. cd, but these only show it partially.
I have tons of pics of the tops of the gauntlets, and have read the descriptions of the bottoms (ie. the square grooves 3 on one and 4 on the other)
But I need some reference pictures from different angles to work with, so can someone please post or PM me some(insert begging smiley here).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can anyone show me pics of how and what exactly the bottom half of the ROTJ gauntlet looks like.I tried the online ref cd but I can't seem to find a pic of it entirely. I have already begun construction on my left gauntlet it will be metal and really need to see a pic of the bottom half.