need pattern for T Visor


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I am not sure if this is the right section to ask but I thought I would try. I FINALLY started my custom mando last night and of course I wanted to work on my helmet. I am using a Rubies Jango, I have the original T visor cut out but it got pretty munched up in the process so it wont make a good pattern for the new T visor. Does any body know if there is a pattern I can down load and print out I can use on my welding shield when I pick it up today. I am hoping to have my bucket completed this weekend.


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A lot of people just tape some paper inside the helmet and trace out the visor area. Then, you cut the welders sheild leaving some extra material on the edges for a place to glue it inside.

I purchased a pre-cut visor for my Rubies I'm not really sure of the whole procedure of making my own.


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Yea start with a cerial box and trace it out. Cut out the cardboard a little big to the size you think it should be. Try the card board and trim it where it needs until it fits nicely.

Use that as your pattern for cutting out the real sheld.