Need help with T-Visor

i have i think a mystery helmet. (it fits my head and i am 6'3, 235lbs) my problem is getting the actual visor in there. i have made a semi-lip for it but was wonder is there a better way?

laso looking for a left side gauntlet. Any help?

Dha Syntir

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Did you guys cut down your visor so that it just fits? Seems it'd be much easier to make it fit, and you'd have more room on the inside to place your fans. Has WizardofFlight made a template sized for Mystery helmets to help you know where to cut and make a more neat package inside? It'd be cool to have one before I go hacking into my visor...



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I used the Tk-409 epoxy putty method, with Duct tape over the putty to hold it in place while it hardened. i didn't have to cut my visor, i have a MS, I just ordered an XL visor from on ebay. Great buy, I reccommend