Need help with I.D. of Fett bucket


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Please help me I.D. this bucket. All I know about it is that it comes from a
big SW collection, and this in the only pic I have. Thanks in advance!



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It looks like a Fang helmet, but the right is not the same that the Fang Helmet :facepalm

Maybe a copy from a MS2 o MS3?
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No the Altmann's had a lot of actual scratches in it. Deep gouges and what not. I guess it could be one that someone filled in the scratches on. I am leaning toward the ms2 or ms3


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Try posting some better pics... some that arn't so fuzzy and maybe a side and back view, taken from a distance, so we can see the "true" shape of the helmet.

But yeah, if I had to guess I would say it's along the lines of a Sgt Fang helmet...


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It's deffinetly not an altmanns helmet, For one the gouges are one thing and even if they were filled in, the altmanns manibles are excessively wide and the openning for the t visor is over sized. In All the altmanns looks a bit stubby.