Need Help With a Jango Vest


Hey partners,
I am working on a custom Mando and wanted to do a Jango Fett vest. Can anyone help me get a hold of one of these? ANy help would be most appreciated.


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You want leather or vinyl? I have a SGB charcoal gray vest with Jango armor attached with snaps. It's my 1st vest and it's sitting in my closet. Let me know.


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Yeah it depends on whether you want leather or vinyl. My Jango vest is being made out of leather (just received it today) by my wife.


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If you are new to sewing, you better use vinyl.
Because leather is harder and thicker and not so easy to work with.
The good thing on vinyl is that you can glue it.;)
Vinyl is also much more cheaper than leather, just if you holding your $ together.

I personaly love to work with leather but when I startet sewing, I practiced on more softer fabrics.



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Well leather looks better, but its more expensive. There are some really really nice vinyls out there though, that look really nice.


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Hello. I have the Suits and vests available, tailored to ur size.

check the threads for more details

Jango Flight Suit Run

Customized Jango Fett Vest

I have done about 4 suits and 5 vests for the peeps in this forum so far, and none have complains so far.

do check it out and let me know.

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