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I have been researching this and have received a little input from some of you. But my question is:

What is the best helmet for me? I am 6-00 with a large head (around 7 1/4 ish, maybe more). I have seen pictures of some rather large people where the helmet seems disproportionate (small) comapred to the costume, it looked out of place. I want to avoid that. I also don't want to look like William Tell's illegitimate son with a helmet the size of a small vehicle.

Is a Don Post too small for me? I have a large frame, broad shoulders, and I'm about 225 lbs. (I'm also a virgo, like walks on the beach, and sunflowers...............kidding!). No really, what would be the best helmet for me without having to mortgage my house to pay for it.

Don Post = too small!!!

Contact a member here who goes by the name Sgt. Fang. He makes a really nice resin helmet kit that's a great value.

Oh, and welcome to another Arizonian! :)
I'm 6'4" and have an MS3 and a Sgt. Fang that both work very well with my height! Both very similar in size, But like Superjedi said, the Sgt. Fang comes at a great price.
I'm about the same build as you: 6' 2"; 215 lbs; 7¾ size head; broad shoulders. I use a BM helmet, and it looks just fine on me. I personally think there is one thing that has priority over "does it look to small?" And that is: "does it FIT!" I gave my BM helmet to my friend for him to try on ... no good: didn't fit him. But I think the BM will fit ya and look OK if ya wanted to get a BM.
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[/ATTACH]painted is a ms3 unpainted sgt fang both are 9 inches inside side to side and 10 inches front to back and both are about 10 inches high

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