Need Help on silver Paint!

Need Help with silver Paint!

Hi. I am a new 13 year noob:eek: here and I tried to paint my armor with spray paint and it did not come out right:confused . Dose any one know any other methjords for painting so it looks ok. Also I apoligize in advance because I may not be able to respond right away.
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Welcome to TDH Col. Chopper!:)

Really, the best way to get your amor to look like Jango's did in "Attack of The Clones" is to "RUB' N Buff" it!(y) This is a "SILVER" metalized polish that you simply "RUB" on with your finger and "BUFF" out and a little bit does go a long way! So basically get your armor back to an even coat of "Primer" or your "Silver" color that you were previously using, then sand it till it's really, really, smooth using a Fine Grit "WET SANDPAPER" (between 600 and 1000). Then apply the Rn'B starting at one corner and gradually work your way over each piece of the amor, then come back and buff out using a combination of your hand AND/OR paper toweling!

Rub N' Buff can be found at MICHAELS: Arts & Crafts or HOBBY LOBBY.

I hope this helps you and we hope to see your progress throught your build!

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Thanks Galactic Bounty Hunter that helps but one question where do I get rub and buff and I will also try to post some picks of my mando when my parents come back with my camara from Cambodia.
You can get Rub N' Buff at the craft store, Michael's. Sometimes you can find it at Wal*Mart too if you're lucky.

Welcome to TDH by the way. I just realized that you're from Lowell. Next town over from me. I actually grew up in Lowell!
Cool! didn't know any one from TDH lives that close to me. I was actually born in the "getto" of Long Beach, CA and when I was 4 me and the family moved here Lowell, MA. Also were I am in lowell people say is the "getto" but that was long ago now it's just full of "getto" looking people who wouldn't hurt a fly. Ha! I was born and raised in the "getto" and stil turned out a law abiding "A" student! :lol:
Try checking out the introduce yourself thread to get started. Also, for rub n buff, I found it at Jo-Anne Fabrics, if your having trouble finding it.

By the way, which armor are you using? Plastic or what?
I will check the thred and I am using sintra for my armor but I just ordered it today :lol: because I am starting over, I kind of heated and cooled it to much and it srunk.
Ya could have just bought some trash cans from Walmart for like $5.00 a piece. Thats what I can turn out really nice.

But I bet the stuff you got will be better quality for the price its at. Good luck and update often!
Oh yea almost forgot, Kashyyyk4BY I will try to post a new thred on my progress but I cant post pics, I am doing every thing from my PSP web browser :lol:. I will post pics when my dad lets me use his computer
Oh yeah, I know what you feel like with that PSP browser. Try typing an extra long MySpace bulletin from that thing. ugh..but its pretty convenient when necessary.

Yeah, that trashcan armor does not glue together well.
What kind of glue are you using? Maybe you just need to rough it up with some 60 grit sand paper and use some CA Glue (Modeling Glue). I've been using 2-Part Epoxy (for plastics) for my knee armor and that works great too. I'm sure there's a way to get it to stick together!

Sorry your using the PSP browser. I was reading around on ct.n with the Wii Browser. That thing is great! Not so much for typing however...

Are you going to make a new thread under "Dented Variants"? I believe that's where you should put it. Good luck!
I used many diffrent glues and tried to sand the trash can armor. The plastic would stick well at first and then it would undo it self. After all that I just desided to use sintra.
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