Need Helmet Advice


hey everyone,

I need some advice on what to do with the gaps that are on the ears of my buckets. The right side has a hard time keeping the range finder up. Should I take it apart? seal them?

Here are some pictures to give a perspective.



What do you think?


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What type of helmet is it (resin, fiberglass, etc). On mine I drilled holes and bolted the ears from the inside of the helmet.

Jodo Kast 2749

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First and foremost, what type of helmet is that and what are the ear pcs. made of?

If resin, did you sand them flat before you mounted them or did you just paint them right out of the box?


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When I did my helmet I cut a peice of a for sale sign to fit on the mounting point on the helmet. to give some space for the stalk, I believe batninja did the same on his. As for the left earcap. I sanded the back of it down so it was really smooth and even then drilled 6 holes through the helmet, held the earcap where it was supposed to be, marked the holes througgh the inside of the helmet and predrilled the holes and attached with short sheet metal screws.


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No, I mean fill the hole in so that way you can screw it from the inside of the helmet.JB weld is just what I used so it would hold up with the screw being in it.