Need good armor pics for my son's t-shirt...


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My 2 year old loves Star Wars already. Lately, I have been rewarding him with Star Wars Tshirts when he does something good or behaves really well.

Basically I just find some good pics on the net and print them onto the iron-on transfer paper, cut it out, and iron it onto a cheap $3 walmart shirt or one of his old t-shirts. My son usually has some "creative control" in the placement of the iron ons which makes it a fun project for us. Right now his favorite shirt is one with a pic of Boba Fett with Slave one in the background.

So I though it would be cool to make him a little shirt that will make him look like a Mandolorian. Kind of like home made "Mandalorian Underoos".

So I am looking for good pics of the collar and chest armor that I could print, cut out and iron on to his shirt. Basically the same idea as those horrible t-shirts with the tux/bow tie or big rack in a bikini ones....just with Mandalorian armor. I don't mind if they are actual pics of real armor or if it is just template drawings that are the correct color.

Any links would be great or if anyone has some good jpgs please email them to me at

Thanks a lot
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