Need correct Jeremy Bulloch sizes for ESB jumpsuit


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Can anyone help me with the following sizes that would have been correct for Jeremy Bulloch during ESB?

I'm getting a jumpsuit made and thought it would be a good idea to get it done to accurate Boba Fett sizes. I don't plan on ever wearing this jumpsuit, I will eventually get a second one made to my size.

Wasn't a suit made for Jeremy by a member here at some point? Maybe those dimensions would be close enough.

I need the following:
1) Chest Circumference.
2) waist.
3) Inseam .
4) General Build .
5) Wrist to Shoulder shirt seam .
6) Wrist to elbow.
7) Sternal knotch at base of neck to groin where legs meet.
8) Ankle to mid thigh.
9) Ankle to mid shin.
10) Ankle to knee.
11) Neck Circumference
12) Across back of shoulders.

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