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Whats up everybody. I am a new found member here, and definitely am planning on building a nasty Boba. Um, i think i would like to start with the helm first. I have a helm already but like a lot of fans i am not satisfied with it. I know it is a DP but, year i am uncertain about. The box says 96 and on the helm it says 97 soo...guessing its a 97. I have been looking around at a lot of places and i do believe the best one i have seen is the MS2. I also like BM's its really quality. Basically i have been researching and am still undecided and would like to hear everyones thoughts in one barrel to see which way i go. Also, if anyone wants my helm its for sale, real cheap and if i can ever figure out how to post pics i'll put some up..happy threading
hi dude
welcome aboard...
in regards to the MS2 i have already spoken to Marrow Sun and it seems that acquiring an MS2 now is rather difficult as there are only 15 in circulation...

i would say the Mystery helmet is a good place to start, easy to find and from what i know its fairly movie accurate ?? someone please correct me if im wrong

Hello and Welcome,

Here you will find every single thing you need to build a perfect Boba Fett from any production type, I think there is 5 different BobaFett's you can build, so pick one or a combination its up to you really.

As boring as it sounds, if I had it to do all over agian I would have probubly started with the soft parts first, getting the right fit, color etc. then move on to the armor, then Helmet then the misc pieces, but there is no order the only reason I would go in that order is because by the time you research the soft parts you would have gotten to know the armor/helmets paint sceme and be familiar with different helmets and armor, I will warn you research carefully dont just get any old thing off eBay. dont be like me and buy 5 chest armors then finally get a good set.
Thanks guys. Yeah i read in another thread that there was only 15 MS2s made. That does suck a tad bit. Its not too bad of an idea to start with the soft parts actually. I guess i just want a nasty helm, like yesterday. I dont think i would ever buy the parts i need of ebay...been ripped off before. In regards to what you were saying about 5 different sets, what do you mean? You dont have to reply to the last question if its easier to just say go do the research here. I dont mind searching at all for it, i find a lot of interesting information here. Just not too sure on the terminology in this community yet.
5 different Fetts are

Prepro VersionI

Prepro VersionII

Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi with ROTJ Helmet

And Return of the Jedi with ESB bucket
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