Nailing the ESB sidearm holster- w/ crappy sketch


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Hey folks,
Anyone have a clue or given thought to how to make the esb sidearm blaster's holster? I had a marmit fett and I love that holster, whether or not it's correct. It seems correct, as does his gun.

*edit: Here's my Charlie Brown sketch of what I believe the holster looks like. I have labeled the three main lengths for easy measurement reference. I'll measure my pistol and from there maybe we can speculate about the proper lengths for a,b,c.


The holster is basically a long slab of leather/vinyl/pleather that hangs from the belt to about the knee or so. It then just wraps around the body of the gun, leaving the handle well exposed as well as the bottom tip of the gun. Can someone make this? Has anyone made this? I'm not beyond making it myself but figured might as well see what anyone knew. I'll post a sketch of exactly what I think the holster should look like tonight.

Tell you what, post a good picture of it, as well as possible measurements of the blaster....and I can make it. ;)
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I had RA make mine a couple of years ago to match the Marmit.He did his that way,and I liked it so much I asked him to make me one also.I can email you a pic of it if you like :)

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Yeah, it shouldn't be very difficult at all. What you have described, JMP, is called a "scabbard type" of holster. I have made countless numbers of these. One of the redeeming characteristics of this style, is the ability to shape it precisely to the piece being carried.
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Yeah MMM, I had thought it looked more like a scabbard than a holster.

Steve, if you've got a pic I'd love to see it. I'll be needing some things from Richie anyway :)

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I believe that holster may be a Nemrod holster.
Now the following holster isn't 100% accurate, but I believe you might be seeing the holsters modern day equivalent:

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right on TD. That's almost exactly what I'm after. I think the only mods that would need to be made would be opening the bottom up to allow the blaster tip to come out, and extending the upper part to the belt.

I have a bespin security pistol with corrected tip, I assume the holster would accomodate it pretty well :)

Are those available?

Sketch tonight,
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THat's one of the few Nemrod holster pics I have seen available. But with a few mods, it would be quite passable. And a little brown paint too. :)
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Do you know where they can be found? I just briefly looked and while I can find lots of guns, haven't seen any holsters.

Thanks TD,
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Hmmmm, I think I found that on like a German site or something that has since been down.

I can't say I have seen the holsters readily available. Hate to say it, but it might be a good E-bay item to look for. Though I will def do a little searching to see if I can come up with an online supplier.
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Hey Steve, I got the pic. That's a great looking holster. What is it and where did you find it? That's just about exactly what I'm thinking about.

Did you make it? Have it made? or is it a speargun holster?

I just finished weathering my sidearm, I hope to have pics up tonight :)

Thanks Steve, looks great,
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